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Jason Summers – Experienced

Motivated by his desire to bring comfort to others and to help people live a better quality of life, Jason began his career as a therapist in the late 1990s.  While he finds working with neck, shoulder and back ailments the most challenging and compelling, Jason is an adaptable therapist adept providing effective sessions ranging from light relaxation to deep specific work focused on the relief of chronic pain.  Through compassion and communication, Jason works with his clients to develop a therapeutic plan aimed at relieving pain, maintaining overall wellness, and achieving long-term benefits.

Jason graduated from Heritage College in 2000. In addition to his certification, he has trained in the St. John method for Neuromuscular Therapy (2002) and in the Barnes approach to Myofascial Release (2003), and has collaborated with other influential body workers. His training has stressed the importance of treating more than just the area of pain but the source and surrounding tissue as well. Depending on the client’s needs and situation, he employs a variety of modalities during his treatments. These include Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Active Release Technique, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage. Because of his comprehensive understanding of deep tissue therapy, athletes and sufferers of chronic pain find his approach to massage therapy especially effective.

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